Past Artists

Jackie Hanson: Belmont High School
November 12- December 18, 2016

jackiehanson-picturejpgI am a 17-year senior at Belmont High School. Art has always been my biggest passion in life. I’ve taken art classes throughout my high school career and plan on studying illustration, painting, drawing, or graphic design in an arts-focused college. I enjoy making realistic or semi-realistic, two-dimensional artwork, especially portraits and detailed observational drawings. My favorite mediums to work in are graphite, chalk pastel, and watercolor. I am currently exploring digital artwork and a more illustrative style.

The biggest influence to me as an artist is my mom. She has always driven me and supported me in my artwork. I look up to her as an artist. My high school art teacher, Joe Cilley, has also brought me leaps and bounds ahead of what I thought possible in the quality of my work. The artists I look to for inspiration include Alphonse Mucha, Cindy Rizza, Meghan Howland, Sean Beavers, Gonzalo Fuenmayor, and Andrew Salgado.


Richard Ward: October/November 2016

Life and the world around everyone is the main inspiration for my work. The mysteries of the world including the shapes of faces to environmental anomalies drive me to emulate them and capture a tone and feel.

I am a senior at Merrimack Valley High School, enrolled in AP Art as of late, and have taken Art I through III as well as portfolio. I’ve also completed the Pre-College program at NHIA and earned 3 college credits respectively to the classes I’ve taken there; Character Design, Flash Fiction, and Advanced Portfolio Drawing.

I am in National Art Honor Society and at the end of my junior year the Club raised the funds for a mural in Merrimack Valley High School, which was a major success. I was one of the lead designers for the mural, but had the amazing help and creativity of the other valued members. I also was chosen as one of the 2016 Congressional Art Competition winners. My graphite drawing, “Inspiring Opportunities,” is currently hanging at the U.S. Capital. In addition, I won an honorable mention for my piece, “Sass”, in the 2016 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards.

I am very passionate about realistic art. I love producing portraits of people, and realistic landscapes. I also enjoy surrealism as it tests realism; I love a complex challenge.

I would love to become a graphic designer for a company that deals with video games. I plan to continue art throughout college and use it in my profession, as I am interested in character design, concept art, and illustration for video games.


Lauren Simpson: Summer 2016

In the summer of 2016, the Student’s Corner featured the artwork of Concord High School student, Lauren Simpson. Lauren plans to pursue a career in illustration.

A-Z Student_Simpson


Kaythi Tu: April 2016

Kaythi Tu

Kaythi Tu: Artist Bio
Kaythi Tu was born in Bow, New Hampshire in 1998 and currently attends Bow High School. She first started drawing and painting at age six, throwing tempera paint onto printer paper. These habits continued until sixth grade, where she met two friends. Those two friends and their stories eventually inspired her to draw more and more. She wanted to hone what skills she had. She signed up for art classes in high school and continued to sign up for art classes throughout the next four years. During her freshman year, Kaythi started drawing in graphite and charcoal. In her sophomore year, she tried oil painting for the first time. She has also tried acrylics and watercolors during her underclassman years. During her upperclassman years, she continued to paint in oils and started painting with a palette knife. In her senior year, she started creating sculptures, some multimedia and some cardboard. Next year, Kaythi will go to Rochester Institute of Technology to study illustration and would eventually like to work as a concept artist.

Kaythi Tu Artist’s Statement:
I see too many colors. I see too many colors in the middle of a blank white wall. Some may find that same blank white wall boring and lifeless. I see too many colors in a commonplace mug. Or a teddy bear. Or even an apple. I’ll see a vivid pop of crimson in blue fabric. I’ll see another pop of violet on a beige book. Those colors playing together, those bright splashes of color, they’re what enchant me. They’re part of the beauty I want to capture. Color gives beauty and life to the world.

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Amanda Nahodil: December 2015

Amanda NahodilArtist Bio: Amanda Nahodil
I have been creating art ever since I was a toddler. I grew up in Loudon NH my whole life, and currently am a senior at Merrimack Valley High School. I play lacrosse, I’m in Art Honor Society, and am currently the president of our school’s student council.

I love art because it is an outlet for me to express myself without being judged. My favorite medium I most often use would be watercolor.

Next year I plan on moving to Boston and attending Lesley University where I plan on working to get my Master’s in Art Therapy. Taking this career path allows me to help others express themselves and communicate to others through their artwork.

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Olivia Cattabriga: September-November 2015

Olivia Cattabriga
Olivia Cattabriga

Artist Bio: Olivia Cattabriga
Art has always been my strong suit. Ever since I can remember I’ve always loved photography, coloring and painting so, last year I decided to try taking Graphic Design at Concord High School and it changed my whole perspective on art. I am now a senior at Concord High School and in my second year of graphic design. I absolutely love the projects we get. They allow me to really be creative in my own way and use my own perspective. I still draw, and love doing Zentangles. I do a lot of photography as well, some of which were just accepted into the NH Audubon Society Photography contest auction. Aside from art, I volunteer, work at a local retirement home in Concord, NH where I live, and I play soccer, ski and play tennis. I hope to major in Graphic Design in college to broaden my knowledge as well as continue with photography and drawing.

A.J. Labrie II: August-September 2015

Twiggs Gallery was delighted to feature A.J. Labrie as our very first student artist. A.J. is a student at Concord High School in Concord, NH. He is passionate about cartooning and hopes to pursue a career in animation with Disney. A.J. Labrie’s Facebook Art Page

A.J. Labrie II
A.J. Labrie II

Artist Bio: A.J. Labrie 
My name is Albert Joseph Labrie the Second. I was born on June 20th, 1996 in a small New Hampshire neighborhood. With my parents. I have four older sisters, and I am the youngest of the bunch. Some of my favorite hobbies include going on vacations, drawing, and going out to do things in the local community. I am able to express myself through art such as drawing. I love to do story board comic style drawings and I hope to have a future drawing career. My wish is to become a Disney animator. I am a visual thinker, which helps me with my art in many different ways.


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