Past Exhibits

Intertwined: Nature, Chaos, Hope…

September 8- October 28, 2018

Artwork based on the duality of nature, an exploration of the delicate fragility and the powerful forces of the natural world.

Participating Artists: Tracy Hayes, Victoria Hussey, William Turner and Gretchen Woodman.


Artists and writers collaborate to honor New Hampshire Old Home Week

July 21- September 2, 2018

Old Home Week was created by New Hampshire Governor Frank West Rollins. In 1897, he wrote, “I wish that in the ear of every son and daughter of New Hampshire, in the summer days, might be heard whispered the persuasive words: Come back, come back. Do you not hear the call? What has become of the old home where you were born? Do you not remember it – the old farm back among the hills, with its rambling buildings, its well sweep casting its long shadows, the row of stiff poplar trees, the lilacs and the willows?”

NH Come Back Logo_web 400wTwiggs Gallery celebrated NH Old Home Week 2018 with an exhibition of new work from collaborations between writers and artists with deep connections to New Hampshire.

Collaborations created by…

Sher Kamman, Photographer &
Nancy Stewart, Poet

Donna Catanzaro, Artist &
Catherine O’Brian, Poet

Susan Rock, Artist &
Joyce Ray, Poet

Kate Knox, Artist &
S. Stephanie, Poet

Robert Popp, Photographer &
Dianalee Velie, Poet

Rodney Obien, Photographer
& Renée Fox, Writer


ONLY HUMAN: June 2-July 15 , 2018

Only Human showcased the figurative artwork of of five regional artists; Diane FrancisStacy FriedmanPatricia SchapplerMarcia Mertinooke and Jayne Adams. Collectively, their art communicated a uniquely human quest; the search for identity and meaning in our lives.

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SEEKING REFUGE: April 7-May 26, 2018

Seeking Refuge was a quiet and contemplative exhibit showcasing the work of four NH artists; Linda Basha Brookshire, Davida Cook, Carolyn Rordam and Dayna Talbot.


GLOW: NH Artists welcome the holidays and celebrate the warm glow of home, family and friends.
November 4-December 16, 2017
Artists Reception: Thursday, November 9th from 5-7 pm

GLOW Front_Layers

Participating artists are Donna Catanzaro, Vanessa De Zorzi, Gerri Harvey, Colby Lynch, Gail Smuda, Victoria Tkaczevski, Paulette Werger

PLY: A new spin on fiber art
September 2 – October 29, 2017

PLY Postcard Front_Layers

The art of the needle was redefined in this exhibition. New England artists combined traditional textile techniques with a variety of media to create contemporary works of art. Showcased in the gallery was everything from assemblages incorporating knitting and needlepoint to sculptural crochet. Mixed media works include digital imagery, photography, embroidery, found objects, thread and paper fibers.

Our featured artists were Shari Boraz, Laura Morrison, Suzanne Pretty, Wen Redmond, Gail Smuda, Dayna Talbot, Jill Vendituoli and Jill Snyder Wallace.

(Image on postcard: Knit to Gold by Gail Smuda)


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July 8-August 27, 2017

Eternal Summer was an exhibit of contemporary photography that evoked the imagery reflected in Celia Thaxter’s quote, “There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart.” The photography conveyed a sense of summer that felt lovely and timeless. Children playing, swimming, water, carnivals, gardens, the sea and summer breezes were all reflected in the work.

The exhibit showcased the work of six New England artists; Shawna Gibbs, Renée Giffroy, Susan Lirakis, Maria Manolaros, Maxine McDonald, and Jean Stimmell.


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MAY 20- JULY 1, 2017

Elements Front_KPU
ELEMENTS references the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. These elements inspire us with their beauty, brutality, and changeability.  They sustain us throughout our lives and eventually dissolve us after death.

Four NH artists have chosen to honor these four elements as the ultimate catalysts for their creativity. Russet Jennings connects with the Earth via her garden drawings. Ann Saunderson honors Air and a friend’s spirit with her ink on yupo paintings. Melissa Hinebauch manifests Fire with her hot, brilliant paintings and Sheryl Kamman’sphotography captures the grandeur of Water in nature.


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April 1-May 13, 2017

Abstracted card front horz rgb
A Little Abstracted showcases abstract artwork that employs intense color, bold shapes and intriguing textures. Twiggs guest curator artist Marcia Santore invited three NH artists to join her for this exhibit: Kate Higley, Ethel Hills and Lotus Lien. Together, their art is hot and wild,  full of mystery and movement.



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INTERLUDE: The quiet and contemplative work of Adele Sanborn
Thru March 30, 2017

There is Freedom

Adele Sanborn is a calligrapher and lettering artist who combines her love of mixed media, watercolors, and photography into messages from her spirit.  Inspired by the space and quietude of the natural world, Sanborn explores new and diverse ideas in the craft of ink, paper, and photography. She creates mixed media artworks, sculptural Spirit Houses and one-of-a-kind artists books.

NH Artists celebrate the comforts and joys of home, family and friends

comfort-postcard-front_web-layersNovember 12-December 18, 2016
Artist’s reception: Thursday, November 17 from 5-7 pm 

Participating artists are: Mary Bates, Anne Boedecker, Paulette Brace, Donna Catanzaro, Elizabeth D’Amico, Betty Glass, Flo Parlangeli, Marcy Pope, Carolyn Rordan, Adele Sanborn, Gail Smuda, Joan Tierney and Sandra White.




Sept. 10 to Oct. 31, 2016

PastPresent Front_Layers_KPU

The Past is Present was an exhibition of artwork that transcended and transformed time and place. Six New England artists brang the past into the present by creating  art that called into question what is old and what is new, what is memory and what is imagined?

Featured artists: Anne Dinan, Laura MorrisonGail SmudaRichard MooreJill Snyder Wallace and Edith Weiler. The Student’s Corner showcased the artwork of Richard Ward, a student at Merrimack Valley High School.


BALANCING ACTS: Explorations of the artful life in wax and encaustic

Twiggs postcard-2Guest Curator, Debra Claffey

July 30 – September 3, 2016

Seven artists who work with wax explore themes of precarious balance, not tipping the scales, and triumphing over uncertainty

Balancing Acts at Twiggs Gallery is curated by NH Artist Debra Claffey and features seven artists who work with wax to explore themes of precarious balance–of not tipping the scales, and of triumphing over uncertainty. Also known as encaustic, wax is lushly beautiful and aromatic. The medium lends itself to construction, transparency, incising, and mark-making in a way uniquely its own.

Each artist in the exhibit approaches the medium differently. Jeanne Borofsky creates assemblages combining encaustic monotypes with origami; Debra Claffey incorporates leaf forms into her personal history by combining the leaves with her grandmother’s crocheted doilies; Pamela Crabb sculpts using wood shapes and wax with an eye on the plight of the oceans; Kimberly Curry celebrates the past by layering wallpaper taken from old Maine farmhouses into her work; Angel Dean recycles cast off wood, metal and found objects into fanciful assemblages; Soosen Dunholter’s visual vignettes explore her struggle with an autoimmune disease; and Helene Farrar’s heavily textural work discusses the state of the human condition, both individually and collectively.

Twiggs Gallery’s first guest curator, Debra Claffey, holds a BFA in Painting from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and Tufts University. Her work has won several awards and in 2011 she received an Artist Entrepreneurial Grant from the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Participating Artists are: Jeanne BorofskyDebra Claffey, Pamala Crabb , Kimberly Curry, Angel DeanSoosen Dunholter, and Hélène Farrar

Click here for more information about our guest curator, Debra Claffey.

Interview: From the Curator: Q & A with Jeanne Borofsky

Interview-From the Curator: A Conversation with Soosen Dunholter

Interview-From the Curator: A Visit with Kimberly Curry

Interview-From the Curator: Bits and Pieces with Angel Dean

Interview-From the Curator: Balancing Acts with Helene Farrar

Interview-From the Curator: This Left and That Right with Pamela Crabb

Finding Balance-Twiggs features “Balancing Acts,” made from wax
Hippo Press, July 28, 2016

9 things to see, do, watch this weekend, Concord Monitor, July 28, 2016



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MRP Postcard WebBRANCHING OUT: Creative Risks
June 16-July 24, 2016

The Merrimack River Painters is a group of twelve artists from New Hampshire and Maine who wish to show the joy that comes from creating and taking risks in their art. 

Participating members : Marilyn Eimon, Bonnie Halsey, Claudette Gammon, Terry Heinzmann, Betsy Janeway, Dustan Knight, Susan Levenson, Ann Lynch, Mary Ruedig, Ann Saunderson, Kathy Tangney and Jan Wittmer.

Click here for more information about the Merrimack River Painters



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Participating members are: Marilyn Eimon, Bonnie Halsey, Claudette Gammon, Terry Heinzmann, Betsy Janeway, Dustan Knight, Susan Levenson, Ann Lynch, Mary Ruedig, Ann Saunderson, Kathy Tangney and Jan Wittmer.

Click here for more information about the Merrimack River Painters

A_Z Postcard Front_WebA to Z: Art to Zen

May 7 to June 12, 2016
Artist’s Reception: Thursday, May 12 from 5-7 pm

A-Z: Art to Zen is an exhibition showcasing the work of artists whose contemplative practices inform their life, work and art. Bruce Iverson and Sally Gordon Shea have mastered the meditative art of Asian Brush Painting; Hari Kirin teaches art and yoga; Bette Abdu is a certified Zentangle teacher; Anne Boedecker facilitates Soul Collage; Julie Püttgen teaches art and meditation; and Kathryn Costa creates Mandalas.

Article: Zen Art by Kelly Sennott, The Hippo, May 12, 2016

Article: Twiggs Gallery bring out the Zen by Elodie Reed, Concord Monitor, May 15, 2016

Article: A to Z: Art to Zen exhibition at Twiggs Gallery, Merrimack Valley Voice, May 1, 2016



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As Heard by the NH Women’s Caucus for Art

A Juried Exhibition by the NH Women’s Caucus for Art (WCA/NH)


Twiggs Gallery
Exhibition Dates: April 2-May 1, 2016
Artists Reception: April 7, 2016 from 5-7 pm

Participating Artists: Paulette BraceBetty Flournoy BrownDebra ClaffeyMary Wood CornogM. Robin CornwellValerie DeverauxElaine Farmer , Jeanette FournierKate HigleyAline Lotter, Lisa Mann, Suzanne PrettyWen Redmond, Susan Rock, Adele SanbornEileen ScullinPamela TarbellMary Webber and Jennifer Weigel.

Juror: Dr. Cynthia Vascak
Dr. Vascak is the founding Dean of Plymouth State University’s College of Arts and Sciences, previously serving as chair of the Art Department and as coordinator of the Art Education program. Her primary artistic media are printmaking, drawing and egg tempera.

Learn more about the Women’s Caucus for Art/New Hampshire Chapter at On Saturday, April 16th from 10 to 2, Twiggs Gallery is hosting WCA/NH’s Spring Meeting. The meeting is free and open to the public. Join us!



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After Awhile with Book

January 21- March 26, 2016

Adele Sanborn is a calligrapher and lettering artist who combines her love of mixed media, watercolors, and photography into messages from her spirit. She works at TWIGGS, her studio nestled on a hill overlooking farmland and the Merrimack River in Boscawen, New Hampshire. Surrounded by the natural world she loves, the expansive studio gives her the space and quietude to create and explore new and diverse ideas in the craft of ink, paper, and photography.

COZY: NH Artists celebrate the joys and comforts of home
November 21-December 20, 2015

Cozy E-Postcard

Participating Artists: Bonnie AskowitzLinda Basha BrookshirePaulette BraceBarbara CarrDonna Catanzaro, M. Robin Cornwell, Cynthia Cummings-BirchJessica Fligg, Mia Hand, Lynn Hand, Ethel HillsSusan Lirakis, Susan Rock, Adele SanbornJodi ScaltretoSusan SchwakeGail Smuda and Marcia Wood Merinooke.



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WORD PLAY: Eleven artists play with text, image and form
October 3-November 15, 2015

Participating artists:
Donna CatanzaroJeffery Cooper, Mary Goldthwaite-GagneJim LambertMaureen MillsRobin Peringer, Maureen Redmond-ScuraAdele SanbornGail SmudaJill Snyder Wallace and Susan Schwake

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