Thru July 15 , 2018

Only Human showcases the figurative artwork of of five regional artists; Diane FrancisStacy FriedmanPatricia SchapplerMarcia Mertinooke and Jayne Adams. Collectively, their art communicates a uniquely human quest; the search for identity and meaning in our lives.


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Artists and writers collaborate to honor New Hampshire Old Home Week

July 21-September 2. 2018

Reception & Poetry Reading:
Thursday, July 26 from 5-8 pm

Old Home Week was created by New Hampshire Governor Frank West Rollins. In 1897, he wrote, “I wish that in the ear of every son and daughter of New Hampshire, in the summer days, might be heard whispered the persuasive words: Come back, come back. Do you not hear the call? What has become of the old home where you were born? Do you not remember it – the old farm back among the hills, with its rambling buildings, its well sweep casting its long shadows, the row of stiff poplar trees, the lilacs and the willows?”

NH Come Back Logo_web 400wTwiggs Gallery will celebrate NH Old Home Week 2018 with an exhibition of new work from collaborations between writers and artists with deep connections to New Hampshire.

Collaborations created by…

Sher Kamman, Photographer &
Nancy Stewart, Poet

Donna Catanzaro, Artist &
Catherine O’Brian, Poet

Susan Rock, Artist &
Joyce Ray, Poet

Kate Knox, Artist &
S. Stephanie, Poet

Robert Popp, Photographer &
Dianalee Velie, Poet

Rodney Obien, Photographer
& Renée Fox, Writer



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